History and tradition

History and Tradition

Since 1264 Fabriano has been synonymous with high quality paper , esteemed throughout the world and known to publishers, writers and artists. Indeed, although the invention of paper is traditionally ascribed to the Chinese and its introduction to the West attributed to the Arabs, the people of Fabriano must be given the credit for their ability to engender a true leap in paper quality and to make Fabriano the cradle of the production of modern paper .

History and Tradition

The importance of paper and its diffusion reaches its peak during the Renaissance. At that time, many artists, among them Michelangelo, used paper produced by the paper mills of Fabriano and a number of testimonies witness the progressive success of Fabriano’s artisanal workshops both in Italian cities and abroad. 

In 1782, in the middle of the industrial revolution, Pietro Miliani founds Cartiere Miliani. 

His grandson Giuseppe Miliani takes up the baton and manages to transform the family-run firm into a large industrial complex and to prevail on the international markets, with the most prestigious recognition; for instance they were unique throughout the Italian states to be awarded the gold medal at The Great Exhibition in London in 1851. 

Thanks to the family’s last great representative, Giovambattista Miliani, Cartiere Miliani incorporated the other businesses in the area and grew to be an industrial concern of the first order, provoking international interest that permitted them to take on important orders for credit institutions and central banks, both national and foreign, above all for an unsurpassable manufacture of paper securities. This expertise still continues today: the euro, a technologically advanced banknote for its anti-forgery characteristics, is for the large part produced in our paper mills at Fabriano.

History and Tradition

Finally, in 2002, Cartiere Miliani Fabriano was bought by Gruppo Fedrigoni, an important and well-known firm in the field of specialist paper . 

Fabriano Boutique was started up in 2000. It is a Fedrigoni trademark and is a true paper workshop with product lines for the office, school and home that marry high-quality materials with modern and discerning design. 

Fabriano Boutique puts forward merchandise that is a symbol of tradition and prestige throughout the world because it brings together the value of paper with the skill of master artisans and the creativity of great designers. Fabriano Boutique takes great care with every detail and each client, endeavouring to make the latter a part of the universe of Italian elegance and excellence, producing articles whose inimitable value is to offer a thrill, a subtle delight; to make even the simplest of everyday objects special.