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For people with a passion for calligraphy


Paperlover is a collection designed for all those who love paper and art.

Our first section is dedicated to calligraphy, in which the pleasure of writing on paper encounters the art of creating elegant regular letters.
We have selected different types of paper in terms of composition, colour, paper density and surface texture, all of the highest quality and suitable for different types of writing instruments.
Printed on the covers of this collection there are extracts of hand-written documents kept in the “Gianfranco Fedrigoni” (ISTOCARTA) company archives situated in the town of Fabriano.

The Calligraphy Folder cover picture shows a hand-written copy of correspondence leaving the paper mill. You can see a letter dated 1815 addressed to Count Monaldo Leopardi, father of the famous poet Giacomo. The type of paper is not mentioned, but was presumably the lined paper usually purchased by the Count from the Fabriano paper mill. The original page is conserved at the "Gianfranco Fedrigoni" Archives (ISTOCARTA) in Fabriano.

These references pay homage to the history of Fabriano and our customers, enthusiastic about our paper in the past, just as they are today.

Paper lover

The Calligraphy Folder Paper lover is a folder offering the chance to learn about the fundamental features of three calligraphic styles: ItalicBrush Script and English Chancery, with a series of four sheets offering preparatory exercises, upper and lower case alphabets and guideline sheets. We have asked three master calligraphers who regularly hold courses and activities in our boutique to draw up an alphabet and some phrases in the relevant style for us, ready to be copied.

Paper lover

The folder can be transformed into a stand, where one sheet at a time can be inserted to observe the slope, proportions and ductus of the letters to be copied. On the back of the plates there are some complete phrases in the appropriate style to suggest pratical applications.

Paper lover 



Italics, also known as Chancery Hand, is a style of calligraphy that, conceived in Italy in the late 1400s, later spread to chanceries. It presents typical Renaissance feautures - all of the italic fonts derive from it. The instrument used is the blunt edge calligraphy pen. The tables in this style have been produced by the master calligrapher Laura Toffaletti.

 Paper lover


Brush Script

It was the advertising style in the United States in the early half of the 1900s. It reached the height of popularity in the 1950s. The basic structure is the same as for Italics but the writing instruments after which the style is named conveys an entirely different cool and expressive impression. The tables in this style have been produced by the master calligrapher  Andrea Carrer.

 Paper lover


English Chancery

This font was conceived as a commercial script in England in the 1700s. It spread throughout the world over the next century. It is still taught in primary schools in some European countries. The instrument used is the pointed calligraphy pen with flexible nib. The tables in this style have been produced by the master calligrapher Nicoletta Romanelli.

Paper lover